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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Announcing The Launch Of Automatic Niche Profits

The private label rights arena is starting to heat up!

The market has been ripe for a high-tech, cutting edge private label rights membership site - and it looks like it has finally happened…

Announcing the launch of Automatic Niche Profits, the first private label rights membership to bring its customers first-rate quality, industry experience, real support, and cutting edge audio and video products.

Automatic Niche Profits is a limited and exclusive membership open to only 500 marketers, and it has just been officially launched.

Due to the unparalleled quality of the products available to Automatic Niche Profits members, the 500 membership spots available, will likely sell very quickly.

What will it mean to you to be a member of this exclusive site? Quite simply, it's your chance to take your business and your life to an entirely new level.

You know by now that if you want to explode your business and create cash-pulling websites you need to be marketing your own products.

But, I’m sure you also know that creating products isn’t all that easy. Creating books, sales letters, graphics, etc. can be quite daunting.

And that’s where Automatic Niche Profits comes in…

As a member you’ll receive 2 new and in demand niche products each month, complete with graphics and sales pages.

Just make a few changes, put your name on them and in just a few minutes you’ll have created your own brand NEW product.

But wait…

You need top quality products and cutting edge tools like audio and video to really stand out from the crowd.

With all the PLR sites out there today “Automatic Niche Profits” is the only one that offers the quality products you need plus the audio and video tools to make your products top-of-the-line.

This is one of the easiest, fastest and proven ways to change your life and make the lavish income you’ve been dreaming of. You owe it to yourself to click on the link below and sign up now.

Register today at:

I know, this sounds like a blatant sales tool, and I guess it is, but I am really excited about this site – and I think you will be too…

To Your Internet Marketing Success,

Saturday, April 7, 2007

7 Sure-fire Ways To Get Your Articles Read

If your not writing articles, you should be! It’s a great way to show your expertise, build your credibility, get links to your site, and market your products.

I know, many of you simply dread writing articles. You may feel it’s just too much hard work for the result – “I’m not a writer, who’s going to read my article?”.

Come on now, if you know something (you do know something don’t you?) you can write about it effectively and passionately.

People are hungry for information on topics that interest them or that will affect their personal lives or their business’s bottom line.

If you have a website, you obviously chose a niche that is important to you and that your interested in. If you can talk about your topic, you can write about it!

Writing a good article doesn’t have to be strenuous or mind-boggling. Just get your thoughts together on how you can help someone with a particular problem and go with it.

Write as you talk. Make it personal. If your passionate, show your passion. If you’re funny, you can use that too. Just be yourself.

Here are 6 ways to get your articles read:

1. Choose your subject carefully. Do some research before choosing a topic. Make sure that your subject is of interest to your audience. Forums in your niche area is a great place to find out what people are interested in or concerned about.

A good approach is to find a problem that is of concern to your audience and write an article that resolves the problem. Not only will people want to read the article but it will cast you as a problem solver and strengthen your credibility.

2. Write attention-grabbing titles. The article title is often the most important factor in whether or not your article is read.

The title should reach out and grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read your article. It should be interesting, provocative, even humorous. Use your title to evoke curiosity, and reach out to your readers wants and needs.

I find that using the biggest benefit that your reader will receive when they read your article is a great place to start when creating a title. Write several variations. Use your Thesaurus for word variations. Tweak the titles and then choose the one that you feel suits your article and audience.

3. Make it personal. This works both ways. Reach out to your readers by personally addressing them and their concerns. Use “you” or “your” frequently. In other words make them feel you are speaking directly to them.

On the other side of the coin, use your own personal experiences. Let your readers know that you have experienced the same issues that concern them and show how you overcame the problem(s).

4. Use short sentences and paragraphs. Short sentences and paragraphs are much easier for a reader to follow. Online readers have a very short attention span and an article containing long blocks of text may simply be ignored.

So keep it short. Three to five sentences are usually enough for one paragraph. Also beware of run-on sentences (That’s one of my problems – I tend to run on, and on!). Keep your sentences short as well.

5. Use numbers or bullets to break up text or show points. The use of bold text will also help to make words and ideas stand out.

Formatting your numbered or bullet points with indentations so your article doesn’t look like one big square box of words can also be helpful – and adds a little flair and pizzazz to your articles.

6. Utilize figures and examples to make points more authoritative. Don’t be afraid to use specific information from another source to drive a point home. Just make sure you show the source where your figures or information came from.

Having third-party back up to what you are saying proves that you’ve done your homework and that you really do know what your talking about.

7. Provide resource information where your readers can obtain more information on the article topic. These can be your own websites or other resources.

Don’t worry about losing customers, good outgoing links are helpful to page ranking and positioning in search engines – and again you are being sooo helpful and knowledgeable that your readers will remember this and come back to read more of your articles.

Writing your own articles is really not that daunting! If you follow the tips I’ve outlined here I know you can put out some really great articles that demand reading. “Practice makes perfect” and the more you write the better you will become.

If you’re still unsure about writing your own articles from scratch, using PLR articles will give you a good starting place. You can find sites that provide PLR articles here:

By all means take my free eCourse on how to use PLR products. You will find it here:
Remember content is king! If you own a website you need good articles for your newsletter, promotional campaigns of your products or services and informational website content. These articles could become the key to success in your Internet endeavors. So take the plunge and get writing!